How to Win In a Multiple Offer Scenario

We don’t really go for the whole “home bidding war” language here at Real Group; it’s just a little too intense and angry for our taste. Instead, we prefer the term “multiple offer situation,” a better phrase that more accurately captures what competition for a listing really looks like in the Chicago market.

Because make no mistake: It can get very competitive. Our team was reminded of that quite recently, when our own Jason Finn listed for sale a popular bungalow-style home in a neighborhood where these classic Chicago properties rarely become available.

We’ll let Jason describe what happened next:

Photo credit: Bryan Hayes via Flickr

Even among the many eclectic, ever-changing neighborhoods that make up Chicago, Albany Park truly stands out.

For example, where else could a casual outing take you past delicious restaurants, serving up everything from world-famous falafel to authentic tacos to absolutely delectable Korean meats and veggies? Where else could you take in works like those of the Albany Park Theater Project, an incredible year-round theater with a social justice bent, creating art for young people by young people?

One of 77 officially designated community areas in Chicago, Albany Park is located on the northwest side of the city, bounded roughly by Montrose Avenue to the south and Foster Avenue to the north. We’ve barely scratched the surface about everything that Albany Park has to offer. To explore the neighborhood further, here are a few resources worth checking out:

Interested in buying or selling a house or condo in this hotbed of cuisine, culture, and commerce? Here are the Albany Park market conditions you need to know right now:

When it comes to selling a home, there is one detail that everyone wants to get right – and which everyone else seems to want to weigh in on: List Price.

Finding the right price for your home is an important step on the road to a successful sale, and everyone is looking for that “magic number” – the one that will yield maximum profit, a quick turnaround time, and minimal stress.

Of course, finding that perfect price is easier said than done, and plenty of the so-called advice you’ll hear is actually just hot air… which could end up doing your sale more harm than good.

It’s time to get to the bottom of things! Want to successfully sell your home for the best possible price? Be wary of these all-too-common home pricing myths:

Photo credit: Peter Fitzgerald via Wikimedia Commons

One of 77 officially designated community areas in Chicago, Bridgeport stands out from the rest of the pack thanks to its culturally-rich history and trendy present.

Located about three miles southwest of the Loop, Bridgeport is a neighbor to Pilsen, McKinley Park, and Armour Square, and puts sports fans in convenient proximity to Guaranteed Rate Field, home to the Chicago White Sox. It’s also been called “a haven for artists and creative types” by Choose Chicago, and was named one of the city’s “coolest neighborhoods” by CNN.

Before its current status as a destination for art and culture, Bridgeport was renowned for being one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Chicago. It has been the home or birthplace for five mayors, and is also home to the breaded steak sandwich, a Chicago original that still draws visitors to the city.

Want to know more about this quintessential Chicago neighborhood? Here are some resources worth checking out:

Curious what this area’s condo and home markets look like? Let’s take a look:

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