How Real Estate Photography Makes All the Difference in the Sale of Your Home

Think of your favorite advertisement, whether it’s a commercial or a bus ad. What makes it stand out in your memory? A catchy jingle? A startling statistic? Or is it something more visual – an image, a photograph, a dominant color?

We’re willing to bet that you’ve been floored by a powerful image or two before, right? You’re not alone. In fact, visual content is the cornerstone of modern marketing – and that holds true for real estate, where photography may make all the difference for the success of your home sale.

We’ve said it before:

“It’s important to adopt the mindset of turning over your home to the market. In essence, this means pretending that it doesn't belong to you anymore and treating the property as a product that needs to be marketed for sale.

A successful sale requires the homeseller and their real estate team to think like marketers, and to invest in many of the same tactics that marketers use to sell other consumer goods or services. In many cases, that means bringing on a photography pro to capture the essence of your property, rather than relying on easier alternatives, like cellphone photography.

In fact, we always bring on a professional photographer for our listings. Why? Well, in our time, we’ve seen beautiful houses go unappreciated because of poor images, and we’ve seen high quality photographs lure in buyers who may otherwise have been on the fence. In fact, in today’s marketplace, a great set of images may just be the most important tool for getting prospective buyers into the home.

Still need convincing? Let’s explore some of the reasons why photography is so important – and show off a few examples of what works and what doesn’t:

Think of a Photograph as Part of the Staging Process

Staging Your Home? Don't Forget the Garage

There are so many ways to get around in Chicago, from bike lanes to CTA trains to walking paths like the world famous 606. But for many, the car is still the best way to get from one end of the city to the other.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that many potential buyers will care very deeply about one part of the home that many of us take for granted: the garage. Don’t let this space go to waste!

Here are three ideas for staging your Chicago garage for maximum impact:

1.) Don’t Just Shift the Clutter Around

One thing to keep in mind if the garage is part of your prospective buyers’ tour? Don’t just shift your clutter from inside the house out into the garage!

Having a massive pile of home junk in the center of the room is hardly a great way to show off the potential of the space to your buyer, who is likely more interested in seeing how a garage can be used to store a car or act as a work station than to take a look at the life-size Michael Jordan poster you took off of your wall and put out of sight.

Instead of just relocating your clutter from one part of your home to another, focus on the home decluttering hacks that your buyers will really love: Organize messy spaces like closets or bathrooms, and be ready to part with a lot of unnecessary detritus (or at least store it off-site).

Stage Your Garage

2.) Organize Your Space

Real Group team member Jason Finn was featured on Baird & Warner Lincoln Park's "This Real Estate Life" podcast. They discussed Jason's solution-oriented approach to every transaction and how his background in technology and SEO benefits his clients on both sides of the transaction. Tune in on Spotify!



The Real Group Team at Baird & Warner is thrilled to congratulate Marc Dumas, Kenneth Arrizola, and Jason Finn for being named as “Five Star Professional” award winners for 2020!

This is an enormous honor! Five Star’s research and review standards are incredibly high, and only the very top real estate agents in a market are awarded this coveted title. For Jason, this marks the record-setting tenth year of earning the Five Star Professional award; he has been recognized each year since 2011, Five Star’s first year evaluating professionals in Chicago. Kenneth’s mantle is getting crowded as well, as he adds yet another award to his virtual display case. Marc was previously named a Five Star Professional Rising Star for 2017, and receives the established Five Star Real Estate Agent recognition for the 2nd year in a row. 

Five Star Professional is a research firm based upon the idea of helping consumers find the very best service professionals in their area. The “Five Star Professional” title is awarded to real estate agents who have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to professional excellence in their local markets. Winners are selected for their integrity, communication skills, and customer service, as recognized by their clients and industry peers.

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