Should You Leave or Hide Sports Memorabilia When Showing a Home?

Should You Leave or Hide Sports Memorabilia When Showing a Home?

When it comes time to list your home to sell, homeowners are struck with a multitude of decisions. Should you repaint the walls? Should you hire a home staging professional to come in and add some choice furniture? Should we keep up the family photos?

All homes benefit from some light staging, whether or not completed by a professional (take a look at these before and after photos to get a better idea of what home staging can do for a room!) The reason good home staging helps real estate transactions sell is because they serve to create an atmosphere that looks cozy, inviting, and move-in ready... but not lived in.

Your personal touches - your kid's drawings on the fridge, for example, or that bright purple accent wall in the bedroom - may mean a lot to you. Sometimes, however, these items may prevent your prospective buyers from projecting their own lifestyle and belongings onto your space - an important step toward deciding to purchase your home. 

So, then, how does sports memorabilia factor in to this equation? Here is some sage advice that New York Times writer Tim McKeough recently gave on the matter.

Neutralize the space (or else it is a gamble)

It may feel disloyal to take those Blackhawks jerseys off the wall of your study when preparing to sell your home. We get it. It shows your Chicago roots, and it may appeal to some of your prospective buyers.

However, it may not appeal to all prospective buyers.

Sales associate Michelle Korosy at ERA Justin Realty in Rutherford, NJ explains that most buyers prefer seeing "a clean, uncluttered, neutral space. A lot of people have a hard time looking beyond the decorations or memorabilia."

Personal tastes and interests vary from buyer to buyer. The last thing you want to do is turn off an interested buyer based on an issue of sports loyalty.

Could a Blackhawks jersey appeal to the right people? Possibly. However, this is a gamble which reduces your odds of selling the home. Is it worth the risk?

Avoid emotionally charged objects

Dedicated sports fans have a strong emotional connection to their teams. In fact, Jan Poulain - owner of Perfectly Placed for You home staging company, puts sports and religion in the same boat when it comes to staging your home. Either could be problematic when trying to sell a home as they are both emotionally charged.

Instead, edit away all of these objects as much as possible. Take away related pictures, jerseys, pendants, balls, bobbleheads, and whatever else creates an overabundance in the room. Store everything, and use other more universal options for artwork.

Protect your investment

It is also a good idea to store your prized sports possessions purely out of precaution. If you have any valuable, signed pieces, it is best to remove these before opening your home to the general public to ensure these key pieces make it to your new place of residency.

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