Moving With Children: Tips for Relocating With Kids

Moving With Children: Tips for Relocating With Kids (Image Source: Pixabay Creative Commons)

You're planning out your move into a new home, and you're feeling great about the progress you've made: The movers are lined up, the rooms are slowly being packed, you've made a few trips to Goodwill as you sort through "keepers" and "donaters," and there's even a color-coded system in place to ensure that the rooms in your new place will have the correct boxes. But, if you're moving with children in tow, it's also important to have a few plans in place for them to smooth the transition.

Here are some tips for taking care of your kids while taking care of your move.

Talk With Your Children About the Move

Moving to a new place can be scary regardless of how old you are, so it's important that your children understand the how's, why's, and when's. Having honest conversations with them will establish trust throughout the process and help them feel more confident as they get used to the idea of leaving their old home behind. You can make sure that you are taking care of your children's emotional health while taking care of the move

Help Them Pack a "Treasure Box"

You're probably preparing a box of essentials for your first night in the new house, so help your kiddo do the same. Decorate a cardboard box with stickers and doodles, then put in items like a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, some books, and comfy pajamas. Talk to your child about her responsibilities with the treasure box and ask why the items she picked are important to her. 

Make Sure They're Busy the Day of the Move

Enlist a favorite neighbor or grandparent to pick up the kids. Providing kids with a fun activity away from the boxes and stress will not only make them feel better and give them a breather from the transition, it will also help you feel more focused on the difficult tasks at hand. 

Help Them Say "Goodbye" and "Hello"

Go visit a favorite park, eat at a loved restaurant, and write thank you notes to teachers before leaving an old community. Teaching your child that it's okay to be sad about leaving is an another important part of moving. Talk with them about the exciting qualities of their new town. Make a plan to go do three different things the week that you arrive - you'll need to take a break from unpacking and organizing, too!

Keep Their Living Situation as Familiar as Possible

Children are creatures of developing habits, so it can be helpful keeping their routines similar. For example, if your child's room was to the left of the bathroom, try to keep his new room in the same direction in the new home. Take a look at your morning routine and consider different ways to recreate this in the upcoming house. 

Have Them Draw a Map of the New House

Help your children grasp their new living situation by helping them draw a map. This will help you understand how they feel and view the new home while giving them a chance to express themselves. It's also a chance to point out where certain rooms are and how these might be different from the ones they're used to. 

Put Together Their Beds First

Contrary to airplane safety, put together your child's bed before your own. Children fall asleep earlier than adults, and it will be much easier for you to stay up and unpack while they snooze.

Let Your Kids Set Up The Rest of  Their New Space

Your children might feel more secure if they are in charge of arranging their things. Offer some directions ("Maybe we shouldn't put shoes on the bookcase), but let them do some of the work. It will give them a chance to make their new space their own. 

Moving can be a challenge for children, but with these tips it can also be a great learning opportunity. When you're ready to relocate, give us a call or shoot us an email.

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