How to Add Storage to Your Home's Small Bathroom

How To Add Storage To Your Home's Small Bathroom

While we love Chicago’s unique architecture, from gleaming skyscrapers to intimate two-flats, there can be no denying that many of our city’s homes and apartments are on the cozier side. And while we’ve talked about making the most of a small condo before, there’s one room that’s full of potential that many homeowners leave untouched – the bathroom.

It’s true! Even the smallest bathroom is a site ripe for DIY innovation, design, and, most importantly, storage. Ready to max out your smallest bathroom?

With our thanks to the great blog over at Chicago’s J. Blanton Plumbing, here are five surefire ways to add storage to small bathrooms:

1.) Add Shelves… Everywhere

If there is any open wall space in your bathroom, you can add shelving for a fun, functional storage boost. Get creative! Look above the door, above the toilet, near the sink – all of these areas can be equipped with shelves that can help turn your small bathroom into a functional, easy-to-decorate living space. Use your new shelves to keep items like toilet paper or towels on hand and in easy reach, or use your newly-added surface space to add in fun design elements, from small plants to neat mementos to framed pictures.

2.) Try Built-Ins

For homeowners looking for a more thorough remodeling project, consider adding built-ins to your bathroom walls: Consider installing floor-to-ceiling shelving to help space out or eliminate your bathroom’s clutter, or use the added built-in space to house a large mirror, folded towels, or even reading materials, like magazines or old paperbacks, for your guests.

3.) Max Out Your Medicine Cabinet

We tend to take our medicine cabinets for granted, but these small units have nearly limitless potential. The J. Blanton blog has a number of practical and easy DIY ideas for "hacking" your medicine cabinet like a pro, from adding a door pocket to making use of space-saving magnets to even turning your medicine cabinet into a chalkboard for messages and daily reminders.

4.) Use the Space Under Your Sink

There are all sorts of ways to creatively turn the cramped cabinet space under your sink into a major storage area. Try installing a lazy Susan under the sink to provide organization and easy access to all of your bathroom products. Want to add even more space? Consider installing magazine racks to the inside of your cabinet doors to provide an easy storage spot for blow dryers or curling irons, or add a spice rack under the sink to keep your smaller items cleared away.

5.) Add Cabinets Designed for Bathrooms

There are all sorts of vanities, cabinets, and shelves specifically designed to help fit seamlessly into even the smallest of bathrooms. Consider a bathroom floor cabinet, a dramatic, eye-catching vanity, or even a DIY laundry hamper. There are also storage solutions specifically suited to bathrooms, from easy-to-install towel racks to hanging baskets perfect for hand towels, laundry, or toiletries.

Have any other questions about upgrades to add function – and value – to your home? We’d love to hear from you! And if you’re looking for a real estate team with the experience needed to guide you through the ins and outs of the Chicagoland market, we’re here to help! Drop Real Group a line whenever you’re ready to get started!

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