How to Use Pinterest for Your Real Estate Search

How to Use Pinterest for Your Real Estate Search (Source:

We’re willing to bet a lot of our blog readers can barely remember a time before the internet. Even for the self-proclaimed geezers at Real Group, it’s hard to recall a time when buyers didn’t begin their search for a home online.

And for home buyers and sellers, the online real estate marketplace isn’t just on listing sites or Zillow anymore; instead, the rise of apps and social media has totally revolutionized the way that real estate agents can market their wares, and that buyers can start their search for a new place.  

While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have their places, one of the most powerful social media platforms for real estate news, information, and deals is one you may not expect: Pinterest!

It’s true! Besides boasting more than 100 million active users and a diverse, largely female, audience, Pinterest’s image-heavy design – which emphasizes sharing and community through “repinning” content onto personalized boards –  makes it the perfect fit for real estate marketing.

Even better, from a real estate broker’s perspective? Pinterest is proven to have results. One ecommerce brand, for example, found that shoppers referred by Pinterest spent more than those referred by any other social platform – meaning that plenty of companies are using the site to offer enticing deals and advertisements.

So what do agents, buyers, and sellers need to know about using Pinterest for real estate?

If you’re a home buyer in the market for a new property, Pinterest is a great place to start the search. While some sellers may maintain active boards with nothing but listings, it’s also important to search through other boards and posts (keeping in mind that the more you pin from others’ boards, the more your “news feed” will reflect your specific tastes and needs in the future).

You may find a lot of inspiring properties hosted on “local” boards dedicated to your city or neighborhood, or within more “niche” boards dedicated to city views, modern kitchens, or interior design for living rooms.

These boards will also prove to be a valuable resource for homeowners looking for help or guidance after finding their their dream home: Many contractors, interior designers, and decorators offering unique pieces promote themselves and offer ideas, wares, and even steep discounts through Pinterest.

Once you’ve found a home you’re interested in pursuing, whether it’s through Pinterest or any other real estate-friendly app, it’s important to bring on a qualified real estate professional to help guide you through the rest of the ins and outs of the process. That’s where Real Group comes in!

Our experienced team knows all about the history of the Chicagoland market, while keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest in technology and market trends. Ready to take your online home search IRL? Drop Real Group a line today to get the conversation started!

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