Want to Sell Your Home Faster? Try Making It More Pet-Friendly

Want to Sell Your Home Faster? Try Making It More Pet-Friendly (Source: pixabay.com - used as royalty free image)

Spend any time in one of Chicago’s beautiful parks, and you’re sure to see plenty of adorable dogs frolicking around. Chicago is a welcoming, friendly city, and that goes double for dogs and cats. Animal lovers abound in the Windy City, and across the country; in fact, according to Realtor.com, 56% of homes now have pets.

With that in mind, there’s a good chance that the buyer taking a peek at your property is an animal lover. Highlighting how great your space is for pets may just help your sale along!

While conventional staging methods say to depersonalize your home, adding a few animal-friendly flourishes may help convince a buyer that your home is not just right for their family, but their furriest friends too.

It doesn’t take much to make your home feel pet-friendly; you’d be surprised how a few staging tricks can totally influence a home’s atmosphere (it’s one of the big reasons that we argue that every seller should stage their home).

Start at the front door: Try hanging a clean, attractive leash near your entryway. This dog essential goes a long way toward setting an encouraging, animal-loving mood. To complete the doorway look, add a pet-friendly welcome mat!

As your prospective buyer moves further into your home, there are all sorts of little “scene setting” ideas you can arrange for maximum cuteness: In the kitchen, set up a few bowls of dry food and water in a convenient spot on the floor, or put a colorful jar of pet treats in a prominent spot on the counter.

In the living room, consider putting up a few photos of Fido or your feline friend, and maybe toss a clean, odor-free doggy bed beside the couch, or next to the bed in the master bedroom. Make it clear that the home has plenty of space for a pet.

And in that vein, pay special attention to your front and back yards: Make sure that the grass is well-cut and that there are no dangerous objects scattered around. If you want to go the extra mile, consider adding a doggy door or doghouse. For the right buyer, it could set the perfect mood.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all buyers will be as gaga for pets as some. One turn-off to animal lovers and hater alike? A stinky home! Make sure your house is free of odors and allergens, including hair and dander, kitty litter, and that dreaded “wet dog” smell.

Looking for other ideas about how to get your Chicago listing noticed – and sold – more quickly? Real Group is here to help! Whether you’re buying or selling in the area, our team has the resources you need. Drop us a line today to get started!

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