Outdoor Decor Ideas to Help Sell Your Home

Outdoor Decor Ideas to Help Sell Your Home

First impressions are important when it comes to real estate; we can’t tell you how many sales have been made – or lost – on little more than a buyer’s walk up to the front door.

How can you ensure that your property’s outdoor space is as welcoming and appealing as the interior of your home? Start with the obvious: Weed, mow, clean, update. But don’t stop there! Instead, go the extra mile. A little bit of decorative flair can really help showcase your home’s potential, helping your listing stand out from the rest of the pack.

Here are five easy outdoor design and décor ideas that can help sell your Chicago home:

A Backyard Beer Garden

From Prohibition-era bootleggers to modern craft beer brewers, Chicago has always been home to drinkers of all sorts. In the winter, we all hunker down with pints around a roaring fire, and in the summertime, our patios and rooftops all seem to open up into charming outdoor spaces for cocktails and conversation.

Why not skip the line and the upcharge with your very own at-home beer garden? All you need for the authentic look is a long wooden table, some bench seating, and hanging lights. Complete the décor with a stocked home bar, and your Chicago backyard can forever whisk visitors – and would-be buyers – off to Bavaria.

An Environmentally Friendly Rock Garden

Inside and outside, “green” is the buzzword in Chicago real estate right now. One of the easiest ways to make your home environmentally friendly – and to add a striking showpiece to your outdoor space – is with a rock garden.

Where traditional gardens can be major water guzzlers, a rock garden is comprised of artfully scattered rocks, crushed granite, and ground cover, perhaps with a few succulents thrown in for greenery. Perfect for creating a serene space in the middle of the city, rock gardens are surprisingly easy to throw together and maintain; our friends over at J. Blanton Plumbing have a few ideas to get you started.

Vertical Gardens

Strapped for space but still looking to beautify? Take a cue from Peruvian landscape architects and think “up” – with vertical and hanging gardens! In addition to saving space, your vertical wall of pots can help you save water, as the liquid from each row trickles down to also supply and hydrate the ones beneath. What’s more, just about any type of greenery can grow in these conditions, so your options for customization and experimentation are all but limitless!

An Outdoor Game Area

With Chicago’s narrow lots and relentless winters, a pool can be a hard purchase to justify. But there are plenty of ways to add a fun feeling to your outdoor area without a splash zone! Bocce courts can add a fun European flair to even the smallest of yards, and horseshoe pits are easy to construct and maintain. Trying to stage your home for families? Try placing out a small jungle gym for the kids to try out. For golf fans? Why not a putting green? Whatever your sporty passions, indulge them.

Lanterns, Lanterns Everywhere

Rethinking your outdoor lighting is a great way to add curb appeal to your home, without breaking the bank. A well-lit, thoughtfully designed outdoor space immediately conveys a sense of welcome and security to your prospective buyers.

Need some ideas? Besides the beer hall aesthetic we talked about earlier, you can use string lights to create a whimsical, fairy tale setup in your backyard. Add decorative path lights along your walkways, and feel free to hang up large lanterns from your patio; these striking pieces can be both fun and functional.

Looking for guidance when it comes to selling your Chicagoland home? Ready to move on but not sure how to get the process started? Whatever your real estate needs, the real group team is here and ready to help. Drop us a line today to get the conversation going!

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