Demand These 4 Things of Your Real Estate Agent

If you're thinking about buying a home and are already feeling apprehensive about the process, hiring a good real estate agent will be the biggest help you can get.  

A good agent will walk you through stranger's houses while explaining what it is that you're really looking at, tackle all negotiations and paperwork, and help explain the process to you along the way.

This will only happen, however, if you are able to carefully choose between an average agent and a superior one.  

Make these 4 demands of your agent up front to ensure you're working with a true professional.

1. Demand an agreement on your price point

There have been far too many stories of agents that simply courier the client's offer to the table, regardless of the message or attachment to reality, and then try to dig out of a hole in negotiations farther down the line.  

Simply throwing an offer "over the fence to see what sticks" is not a path to success - at times it even kills an offer before the offer sees the light of day. A professional agent would never approach the situation this way.

Demand that your agent show you their plan to get the seller - and then, even more importantly, the bank - to accept the price that your offering.  With the appraisal process getting more and more difficult, contract price becomes a big sticking point in many transactions today.  Not only that, but a good negotiation strategy will put more money in your pocket - obviously.

You want to know up front from your agent how they will handle this situation before you get anywhere near it.  If you aren't hearing your agent talk about this, this will be your first big red flag.

2. Reach accord on the timetable

Timing a move well is important to most individuals.  Make sure you agent is willing and able to help you achieve your move within the timeframe that you desire. Whether this means you're moved in by the time kids go back to school in the fall or at the start of your new job, your agent should be concerned with this information.

Work with an agent that clearly is understanding of your personal timetable in order to help your transaction run in a smooth and timely fashion.

3. Understand their ability to remove obstacles

Real estate transactions can be tricky, and you want to make sure that you're dealing with an agent who truly knows how to handle themselves in challenging situations. Have them explain to you their ability to negotiate - which is critical in this present market.

If your agent seems weak when negotiation with you on a purchase offer, this is a big red flag for their ability to negotiate with a seller on your behalf.

4. Demand respect for finding the right house

You're moving for a reason, and you have important criteria for your move.  In the hustle and bustle, you want to make sure you're working with an agent who is willing to stick it out with you through a process until you truly do find the right home for you. Remind them what "the right house" is for you, and insist they impart their expertise unto you when you're in the thick of the process - it is their job to let you know what it truly takes in order to find your goal, even if it means rethinking your price point.

Looking to start your process? Want a safe place to start? Don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call - we'd love you help you!

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